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Hilton Herbs

Hilton Herbs was founded in 1990, with the aim of providing top quality natural products for horses and dogs.

We believe we are the only equine herbal company whose products are formulated by a Medical Herbalist. Hilary Self BSc.MNIMH is one of the company directors, in 2002 she completed a 5 year degree course which qualified her as a medical herbalist and enabled her to join the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. The Institute was established in 1864 and is the oldest body of practising medical herbalists in the world. In 2004 Hilary was awarded the National Institute's prestigious Nigel Wynn award for innovative projects in Herbal Medicine in recognition of clinical trials she undertook into the application of herbs for horses with Cushing's disease.

Since 1990 the range has expanded considerably and now includes an extensive dry herbal range, liquid herbal formulations, pure tinctures, natural supplements, herb based topical creams and lotions, homoeopathy, flower essences, books and educational posters. We now also carry product for Poultry, Birds and Pigeons.

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Hilton Herbs Avian Products

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Airways Gold for birds by Hilton HerbsProduct Info - Airways Gold for birds Airways Gold
We recommend using Airways Gold whenever your birds' respiratory system needs extra support, especially where air quality is reduced. Herbal supplement that supports healthy and efficient airways and sinuses, Resistance to airborne allergens and irritants, Resistance to fungal and bacterial infections.

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Supersonic by Hilton HerbsProduct Info Supersonic
This oil rich supplement can be added to softfood to help provide a readily available source of energy. We recommend using this product daily to help improve energy levels and as a readily available energy source. Supersonic is also ideal for show birds and for use during the moult, when the high oil content and herbs encourage shedding of feathers and strong healthy feather regrowth. Developed for Pigeons but great with all cage birds.

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Super Fit by Hilton HerbsProduct Info - Super  Fit Herbal Supplement Super Fit
Scietifically formulated for use during training and competition. Contains herbs known for their ability to help maintain: Stamina Uptake of oxygen by cells, Effective removal of lactic acid from the cells,Detox of waste products,Healthy liver and kidney function, Healthy lung function, Resistance to stress and fatigue,Ability to withstand adverse environmental pressure Strong immunity, Good circulation, Clear, healthy eyesight, Vitamin B12 levels vital for red blood cell production and healthy nervous system, High levels of anti-oxidants.

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Daily Hen Health by Hilton HerbsProduct Info Daily Hen Health
A balanced blend of herbal tinctures mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar and honey. The herbs have been carefully selected for their ability to help maintain your hens health all year round. Strengthen shells, deter parasites, assist in the moult, support digestion, liver and kidney function and provide vital vitamins and minerals.

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Immunity Plus by Hilton HerbsProduct Info Immunity Plus
This herbal solution is rich in Echinacea purpurea and Siberian ginseng, herbs known for their ability to help maintain stamina, a strong immune system, resistance to stress, and fast recovery rates. In addition Immunity Plus contains herbs rich in minerals and vitamins and with anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and adaptogenic actions.