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Milk thistle Herbal supplementMilk Thistle & Dandelion Root - Avian Formula Milk Thistle & Dandelion Root - Avian Formula
Milk Thistle Seed and Dandelion root have long been used to help detoxify bird's livers resulting from fatty liver disease which can occur due to the high fat content of seed based diets and liver damage from exposure to aflatoxins (toxins from certain types of fungus). Can be used long term. Great to support birds after medication treatments.

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Avian calm supplement for cage Birds, helps with screaming and featherpickingProduct Info Avian Calm
Supplement designed to reduce aggression, feather picking and screaming. It is non-toxic and cannot be overdosed. It is FDA listed as safe for food. Same ingredients as AviCalm:)

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Equa Holistics Avian ProbioticsProduct Info Avian Probiotics
HealthyGut™ Avian Probiotic is the most advanced probiotic available for parrots. This balanced blend of carefully selected probiotic bacteria is biologist formulated specifically for your feathered companion. These live, friendly bacteria are freeze dried to ensure quality. This daily probiotic supports colonization of your bird's microbiome.

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