Medium FruitBlend Pellets

Zupreem Medium Fruitblend Flavor Pellets for cockatiels, conures, and other Quakers-Cockatiel and Conure Supplies

Medium size Fruitblend Pellets for Cockatiel and Conure sized birds

Zupreem trusted by zoos since 1968

You know that birds love fruit, which is why they love FruitBlend Flavor Diet. You'll love it too, because it is the premium balanced and complete daily diet with precise levels of important nutrients. It is truly the only bird food your bird needs.

FruitBlend Flavor is created by the bird loving people at Zupreem. For over 40 years we have understood the importance of nutrition in the lives of these extraordinary animals Perhaps that is why we make the No. 1 setting pelleted bird food brand in the U.S.

ZuPreem has been fed by zoos since 1968 and recommended by veterinarians and bird experts worldwide.

This size is recommended for Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Conures, Quakers and similar sized small Hookbills.


Zupreem Fruitblend Cockatiel, Conure, QuakerProduct Info Medium FruitBlend Pellets
Zupreem pellets that are recommended for Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers and similar sized small hookbills. Medium size.