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Ceramic Heat Emitter

For Dogs, Cats, Reptiles & Birds

ReptiCare® Ceramic Heat Emitters are the perfect 24-hour heat source for all reptiles. These porcelain heating devices screw into a standard porcelain incandescent socket, giving off intense “muscle-penetrating” infrared heat, while emitting no light. The flat-faced design is more efficient and longer lasting than conical designs which build up excess heat internally, ultimately carbonizing the element.

  • Lasts up to 5 years.
  • Perfect for high humidity terrariums.
  • DO NOT place heat emitter over glass or plexiglass.

    Screw heat emitter into Clamp Lamp. Clamp the lamp at one end of the enclosure (basking area) and plug in.

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    Zoo Med Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter 60 watt. Product Info Zoo Med Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter
    Zoo Med heat elements produce radiant heat but are totally dark and do not disturb day/night cycles. Made of ceramic, like coffee mugs, they will not shatter if splashed and will last many times longer than glass heat lamps.