Natural Wood Tree Perches

Natural wood Tree Perches - Pet Bird Cage Accessories

All Natural Wood Bark Branches!


  • 10in x 6in, allow slight variations for natural products


  • Weight: less than 1 lbs.

    Product Benefits:

  • Give all your birds a place to perch together!
  • Simulates sleeping in the trees as a flock
  • Gentle swinging motion makes this a favorite sleeping spot!
  • Natural wood promotes healthy feet!

    Good for:


  • Finches
  • Canaries


  • Parakeets and similar sized birds

    Needs some assembly, must glue in some of the perches and keep the glue for any future repairs!

    Select a Size:

    Hand made Tree Perch cage accessory. Product Info Ware Birdie Bark Tree Perches
    Large - 18.50" / Small - 11.75" / Measurements include hook - Made from wooden branch rods. Great for your pet birds fun and entertainment! You must assemble and glue before use. With Parakeet sized birds you can leave empty perches for more perching height. LOW STOCK, one small one left...