Terri's Sprouting Mix

Terri's Sprouting Mix - Lady Gouldian Finch Breeding Supplies

Sprouting Mix for small birds, finches, canaries, parakeets and similar sized birds

Use for pet birds year-round, great sprouting mix for Lady Gouldian finches, canaries, parakeets, and all millet loving birds.

Small sprouting seed mix to give your birds fresh sprouts. These are fresh millet seeds that are great for sprouting. Did you know sprouting increases the nutritional value of the seed up to 300%! The perfect addition to any cage bird diet is sprouts. This is the natural food source of lady gouldians in the wild and helps to bring them into condition. Add a nestling food or sprinkle eggfood on top. Lots of variations possible for feeding sprouts. One of my birds favorites is sprouts drizzled with warm coconut oil. Organic Coconut is my oil of choice and the birds devour it! No color, no preservatives and no waste.
Try sprouting some seeds for your birds today!

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Sprouting Mix for Breeding Birds.Product Info - Sprouting Mix Terri's Sprouting Mix
White Foxtail Bristlegrass, French White Millet, Red Siberian Millet, Barnyard Grass, Safflower, White Clover, White Lettuce, Niger, Rape, Golden German Millet, Red Broomcorn Millet
No color, no preservatives, just seeds.
No waste and great for all cage birds.

Parakeets, canaries and finches will love it!