Terri's Premium Herb Mix

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Premium Herb for Lady Gouldian Finches

Use for pet birds year-round, great seed mix for Lady Gouldian finches, canaries, parakeets, and all millet loving birds.


Rye Grass, Switch Grass, Hemp, White Perilla, Rape, White Lettuce, Black Lettuce, Blue Poppy

Great to add a little variety. Specifically for gouldians, grass finches and grasskeets. No color, no preservatives and no waste. Your bird will love it:)

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Terri's Premium Herb Mix.Product Info Terri's Premium Herb
A mix of Premium Herbs for lady gouldian finches, contains rye grass seeds, switch grass, sterilized Hemp, White Perilla, Black Lettuce, and White Lettuce! No color, no preservatives, just seeds. Great for Finches, canaries and Parakeets, they all love grass seeds. I have taken Mike Fidlers' premium herb mix and removed the nyjer and put in white perilla. Nyjer is sterilized while white perilla is not:)