Terri Canary Resting Mix

Canary Maintenance Diet

Canary Food

Use for pet canary for daily maintenance. Great Premium low fat seed mix for canaries


Canary, Black Lettuce, White Lettuce, white, yellow and red clovers, rye grass, Chia, blue poppy and sesame! I will not list nor share all the seeds in this mix but, these are most of them:)

Great overall seed mix to give your birds a little variety. Specifically for canaries. No color, no preservatives and no waste. Your bird will love it:)

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Terri Canary Mix Resting MixProduct Info Terri Canary Resting Mix
My Canary Resting mix, Contains Canary Grass, Black Lettuce, White Lettuce, red clover, yellow clover, white clover and more!
Low fat and No color, no preservatives, just seeds.
No waste and great for all similar sized birds. Price is due to expensive herbal seeds. I am not a seed mill, mix by hand in my garage:) Time consuming work!