Disposable Syringes

Disposable Syringes for handfeeding - Bird Breeding Supplies

Disposable Syringes for handfeeding and medications

These syringes are meant for one use and toss. You can sometimes get a few uses out before the plungers will start to stick:) There are many options and sizes to choose from so you might get several to try before buying a bulk box.

Luer Slip ends are more extended and often can be used without tips. Leur Lock ends are meant for screwing tips or crop needles on them. Finches I usually start with a 1ml syringe with a cannula teat on the end and eventually moving up to a 3ml with a luer slip towards the end.

These are inexpensive and meant to toss after use. Please recycle plastics!


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Plastic Sterile Syringes - Teat fits all syringes except 12 ml curved tip
LS is Lock slip end, LL is Luer Lock end. Lock slip comes out an elongated cone shaped at the end, Luer Lock is screw on end, both work with teats. Siliconized Gasket allows smooth consistent plunger motion. Meant for a single use and toss. Please recycle plastics. Kendall Monoject, Excel are some of the makers they vary depending on availabiltiy.