Plastic Stress Perches

Stress Perch - Lady Gouldian Finch Supplies

Plastic Stress Perch by S.T.A. Soluzioni

Product Benefits:

  • Give all birds a private place to go for some me time:)
  • By placing it at the very top of the cage, you create a safe place, because birds act aggressively by attacking from above...can't get above them.
  • Less stress, a healthier and happier bird!

    Good for:

  • Finches
  • Canaries

    4.5' high by 3' wide each little parking garage:)

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    Plastic stress perches for cage birds, help eliminate stress Product Info Stress Perch
    "Plastic stress perches by STA Soluzioni and imported from Italy. Give your birds their own little quiet space to rest and relax. Birds attack from above, this is attached to the top of the cage giving them a safe space. These are great when you have multiple birds in your cages, help with stress. LOW STOCK 2 left."