Plastic Siskin Nest

Plastic Nest by STA Soluzioni - N001 - perfect siskin nest, Finch Breeding supplies

STA Small Plastic Nest for canaries or exotic finches, perfect for Siskins

3" x 1 3/4" deep

Some Finches and most canaries prefer an open nest, ie Green singers:)

This is a nice easy to hang open canary bowl imported from Italy

This plastic canary nest is a multi-functional nest for canaries or other finches, perfect size for siskins. This open nest provides space, freedom and free movement for birds who prefer it this way. It is made from high quality plastic and is completely safe.

Photo shows a green nest, but I have beige ones:)


Plastic Siskin-Canary Nest.Product Info-Plastic Siskin/Canary Nest Plastic Siskin/Canary Nest
Beige Plastic Canary/Siskin Nest - 3" wide x 1 3/4" Deep suitable for finches who prefer open nests too! Picture is green but actual nest is beige:))