STA Canary/Finch Fake Eggs

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Plastic Canary/Finch Eggs-fake eggs - canary and finch breeding supplies

Light Grey Speckled Fake Plastic Finch and Canary Eggs

Bird Breeding Supplies

Synchronize hatching

  • Remove eggs as they are laid and replace with plastic eggs
  • When all eggs are laid, replace the plastic fake eggs with their real eggs
  • Now the eggs will incubate begining the same day
  • Hatching will be closer together and prevent losses from late hatchlings.

  • Stop Over Producing

  • For Birds that won't stop laying
  • Replace real eggs with fake eggs and toss real eggs
  • Birds will be happy sitting tight and incubating
  • You have a couple of weeks with no production:)
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    Finch /Canary Fake Eggs for breedingProduct Info STA Canary & Finch Fake Eggs
    Plastic Eggs - great for finches and canaries. Use to synchronize hatching time. These eggs are a light grey with slight speckling. LOW stock