Seesaw Swinging Mirror Perch

sta-a001-seesaw perch with double sided mirror - Finch Cage Accessories

Double sided mirror for cage bird self entertainment:)

These are hands down my birds favorite perch and toy.

The males love to sit on them and sing to themselves. When using in my juvenille flights they fight for them before lights out, when one bird will actually perch on the very top and one on each side. They absolutely love em!

Try one yourself and see!


Seesaw Swinging Perch.Product Info Seesaw Swinging Mirror
Altalena Mirror made in Italy. Plastic see-saw with 2 perches and double mirror. Great for finches, Canaries, parakeets or similar sized birds. This is applicable to all types of cages. 4" wide x 6" deep x 5' tall and the favorite toy of my Lady Gouldian Finches and Scarlet Chested Keets. They will fight to get these at lights out and even cram a third friend on the top for sleeping! Sorry huge cost increase, LOW STOCK.