Plastic Split Leg Bands for Parakets

Plastic split leg bands for Parakeets - Parakeet Breeding Supplies

Leg bands for Breeding Parakeets & Similar sized birds 4.0mm

Plastic colored split bands, 4.0mm. They are numbered but the numbers are hard to see. They are just raised in the plastic but not painted so not visible really:)

Helps to identify different family lines or sex at a glance. Use a different color for each breeding pair.

The attached tool is all you need, simply split apart with your tool, and apply to leg, then pinch back together.

Buy a strip of 10 in one color, available in 12 colors.

Imported from Italy

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Plastic split parakeet leg bands for identification markingProduct Info - Parakeet Bands Plastic Split Leg Bands for Parakeets
For Parakeets and similar sized birds, 4.0mm Plastic numbered colored split leg bands for visual tracking of families and/or sexes. Buy a strip of 10 with tool, available in 12 colors. Numbers are difficult to read if not impossible:)
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