Releaves whole food supplement for hormone imbalances in birds and reptiles - Breeding Supplements

A certified organic, non-synthetic, sustainable whole food dietary supplement that provides natural vitamins and precursors for all animals with suspected hormonal imbalances


Empirical results suggest Releaves may have application for:

  • Suspected hormonal imbalances in all animals
  • Chronic egg production in birds and reptiles
  • Feather picking behavior with a hormonal cause
  • Other reproductive disorders in all animals
  • Behavioral problems due to hormonal stress
  • Strengthening and invigorating the uterus and restoring the female urogenital system

    Possible positive effects on:

  • Ferret adrenal disease
  • Mammary gland tumors in dogs and rats
  • Uterus tumors in rabbits

    Feeding Directions:

    To administer orally: 0.3 ml per lb (0.45 kg) body weight (1 Tbs per 50 lb) or 0.06 ml per 100 g body weight. Releaves may be liquefied by floating bottle in warm water (80°F [27°C]) for a few minutes. (In most cases, using a syringe is not recommended, as the raspberry leaves may clog the opening.

    To mix with food: Mix 1 Tbs (15 ml) Releaves with 1 lb (455 g) of the animal's food in a bowl and return to original food container for storage. Feed normally. Refrigerate any unused portion of food/ReLeaves mixture.

    For chronic egg laying birds, begin supplementation while providing consistent, continuous light for a total of 72 hours (3 days continuously). After 72 hours, resume normal daylight cycles and continue offering Releaves once daily for up to 6 months.


  • Is a virgin, certified organic, whole food source of carote­noids (precursors to natural vitamin A, including alpha-carotenes, beta-carotenes, lycopene and 20 other carotenes)
  • Is a non-synthetic source of 6 forms of vitamin E, which contain 2 forms of tocopherols and all 4 of the tocotrienols (super potent vitamin E with 60 times the antioxidant activity of the tocopherols)
  • Contains the necessary dietary fat for enhanced conversion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K
  • Is the richest vegetarian source of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
  • Is packed with vitamin K, squalene, phytosterols, flavonoids, phenolic acids, glycolipids and phyto­nutrients

  • Is non-synthetic; has no fillers and contains no GMO (genetically modified organisms
  • Is safer than synthetic vitamin A & E
  • Has no risk of vitamin toxicosis
  • Is a rich whole food source of vitamin B complex, vitamin C, tannins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium
  • Is safe and effective for all species (dogs, cats, all mammals, birds, reptiles and other exotic animals)

    A proprietary blend of certified organic, sustainable red palm fruit oil enhanced with certified organic, alcohol-free red raspberry extract and leaves Sustainable and Fair Trade certified. No GMOs

    Releaves should be stored in the refrigerator after opening. Use by "Best by" date located on the bottom of the bottle. Our proprietary formula contains all 4 tocotrienols, which serve as natural preservatives. This action ensures increased stability and extended shelf life and provides beneficial antioxidants without artificial preservatives.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why do you recommend 72 hours of continuous light for cases of chronic egg laying?
    The 72 hours of light is used on the onset of administering Releaves to reset the circadian rhythm. This is ONLY needed for chronic egg layers. All other animals with suspected hormonal issues may just have Releaves administered without regard for the light cycle. This supplement is also excellent for breeding birds because it helps the hen's uterus bounce back after laying.

    I am concerned with how the continuous light will affect my bird. Will it be able to sleep? Won't it stress my bird?
    Your bird will be able to sleep in the light. Continuous light is much less stressful than chronic egg laying or egg binding.

    Can the lights be dimmed during the night or does the light need to be bright the entire 72 hours?
    The same light without variation (brightness) must be used for the entire duration (3 days = 72 hours) for this to be effective.

    If I am unable to remove the bird from the same room as my other pets, how will 72 hours of continuous light affect pets that do not have any issues?
    The light will not harm the other animals in the room.

    Why do the instructions state that Releaves should be discontinued after six months?
    Although some birds have received Releaves for longer than 6 months, we try to achieve health with the least possible input. After 6 months, or when the bottle is empty for smaller birds (which may be 8-9 months), stop administering Releaves and see if the unwanted behavior returns. If the bird restarts the routine, you can try again (yes, the 3 days of light again). But for many birds the behavior does not return.

    Can I use Releaves if the problems return?
    Yes, ReLeaves may be used again as soon as issues return.

    How soon after I start using the product can I expect to see results?
    The time frame for results varies depending on the animal and the severity of each individual case.

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