Goldy Egg Food Supplement For Insectivores

Goldy Egg Food Supplement for insectivores - Finch Breeding Supplies

Quiko Goldy Egg Food For Insectivores

It contains eggs & insects for protein, contains honey for palatability, contains fruit & Berries for natural variety. A varied diet is the key to having a healthy bird. Seed diets are relatively low in protein and lack many essential vitamns. Pelleted and extruded diets don't offer variety and are many times poorly accepted by the birds. Adding egg food to any of these diets increases the protein and vitamin levels of the overall diet. Because most birds readily eat the egg food before anything else, it is the perfect means to introduce vitamins or medication when necessary.

Quiko Goldy can be fed to your bird three different ways:

1. In addition to a regular diet, feed Quiko Goldy dry in a separate feeding dish. Replenish as needed.

2. Sprinkle Quiko Goldy with enough water to made a moist cumble texture. This may be fed in a separate dish or mixed with the regular diet..

3. Mix Quiko Goldy with soaked Seed or vegetables.

For convienence, a larger batch can be mixed and refrigerated for up to 1 week.

Remove and discard any uneaten food daily.

Store Quiko Goldy Egg Food in a cool dry place


Egg Biscuit (Whole Egg, Wheat Flour, Sugar), Honey, Raisins, Peanuts, Mountain Ash Berries, Elder Berries, Dehydrated Ant Eggs, Dehydrated Prawns, Dehydrated Shrimps and Dehydrated Insects (waterflies).


Crude Protein-not less than 18%
Crude Fat-not less than 19%
Crude Fibre-not more than 3.20%
Moisture (MAX) - 10%
Calcium - (minimum 1.0%), (maximum 1.5%)
Phosporus - .50%

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Quiko Goldy Insectivore Food. Product Info Goldy Egg Food For Insectivores - Quiko
Supplement for Insect Eating Birds, Contains eggs and insects for protein, Honey for palatability and mixed fruits and Berries for Variety. For Softbills and Finches. DISCONTINUED