Prevue Pet's Wooden Finch Nestbox

Inside Mount Finch Nestbox - Finch Breeding Supplies

Wooden Finch Nestbox - Inside Mount

For finches - 6" tall x 5 w" x 5" deep

Some Finches prefer these nests, more natural but easy to get in to band the babies!

  • Birds like the cozy dark comfort of these nests
  • Quality Construction!
  • Natural Smooth Wood Finish
  • Great Finch Nestbox for Zebra Finches, society finches and smaller birds!
  • Complete with perch and easy access door!
  • 1.5" diameter nestbox hole

This is a great Zebra Finch Supply. Use this nest box next time you want to set your zebra finches up to breed. They are specially designed for finches and zebra finches just love the comfort, and safety of a wooden nest box.The design is more natural then a plastic nest, much like they have in nature, where they nest in hollow logs. These nests help to recreate their natural habitat. Made of strong materials these nest boxes are completely safe.

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PrevueProduct Info-Inside Mount Wooden Finch Nestbox Prevue Pet Product's Wooden Finch Nestbox
Prevue Pet Products Wooden Finch nestbox for mounting inside the cage. Quality construction. Complete with Perch, no hanging hardware is included. Great for Zebra Finches and Society Finches and similar sized birds. Note the hole is 1.5" in diameter, so big English Zebras or European Societies might not fit, you might need to use a hole saw to make the hole bigger for those.