Potent Brew

Potent Brew Digestive support for breeding vigor and increased chick survival - Handfeeding Supplies

Helps stabilize gut acidity levels and optimizes nutrient absorption.

Great for breeding birds and can also benefit stressed birds. Helps with chick growth.

Key Features:
Great for breeding or for use on stressed birds. Has proven to be beneficial for feather plucking birds.

Short shelf life (normally 4-6 months).


  • Add to water 5 ml per liter Do not use in the same drinking water as Aviclens.
  • On food - 1ml per kg bodyweight

    Finches - 1 drop per bird, 1 ml per 30 birds
    Budgies - 2 drops per bird, 1 ml per 15 birds
    Cockatiels - 4 drops per bird, 1 ml per 8 birds
    African Greys/Pigeons - 15 drops per bird, 1 ml per pair
    Supply these quantities once a week for non-breeders and daily for breeders.
    When chicks are being fed increase amount by 50-100%

    Pack sizes:
    30 ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml

    Active ingredients per litre:

  • Vit A 160,000 iu
  • Vit D3 25,000 iu
  • Vit E 3,000 mg
  • Vit C 4,000 mg Magnesium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Calcium

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    Potent Brew-support digestive healthProduct Info Potent Brew
    A unique liquid supplement to increase breeding vigor, chick survival and growth, and support digestion. Keep Refrigerated!