Seed Hopper

Plastic Gravity Seed Hopper - Vacation Feeder - Finch Cage Accessories

Seed Hopper with catch tray

Save Time And Money!

Large gravity plastic feeder with pullout drawer for the inside or outside of the cage

  • Holds over 1 1/2 cups of your favorite seed or even dry egg food.
  • Reduce hull mess and keeps most hulls in the removeable tray for easy dumping.
  • Great for long weekend getaways, leave the birds with plenty to eat
  • Clear plastic so easy to identify low level of food from a distance.

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    Plastic Seed Hopper for finches and canaries.Product Info Seed Hopper w/catch tray
    4" wide x 3" deep x 5 1/2" high - Easy fill top with removable seed catcher tray - all clear plastic with plastic hooks for inside or outside mounting, with Beige top and center.
    Saves seed and mess! I can no longer find a supplier with white...but will keep looking:)