Canary Nestkit

Canary nest kit, includes bamboo nest, just pad, nesting wheel full of sisal & jute and 50g of sisal, jute and cotton - Canary Breeding supplies

Canary Nestkit by Sisal Fibre

Includes the following:

  • one small bamboo canary nest about 4" diameter x 2 1/4" deep
  • one nesting wheel full of cotton and jute nesting material
  • one jute felt pad in the nest
  • one 50g bag of Sisal, Jute and Cotton


    Bamboo Canary Nestkit - Canary Breeding SuppliesBamboo Canary Nestkit - Canary Breeding Supplies Canary Nestkit
    Includes a bamboo canary nest, nesting wheel, jute pad, and 50g bag of Sisal Jute and Cotton in a convenient kit. Imported from Italy.
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