Nesting Wheel with Cotton & Jute Nesting Material

Filled with Cotton and Jute Nesting Material, Canary and Finch Breeding Supplies

Keeps Nesting Material clean and available for nesting birds

Perfect hygiene and careful treatment ensure that these fibers are soft, transpiring, absorbing dust-proof and immune to parasites.

Make sure breeding pairs have trimmed nails for the safety of themselves and their eggs

These are perfectly suitable as nesting material for all birds.

Nest building is a healthy exercise for your cage birds


Nesting Wheel.Product Info-Nesting Wheel Nesting Material Wheel
Nesting Material Wheel full of mixed nesting material. Refillable with nesting material of your choice. Great way to keep nesting material clean and off the floor. Easily accessable a string at a time and simply twist onto the bars of the cage to always have nesting material available. My Lady Gouldian Finches love them. LOW Stock