Cotton & Jute Nesting Material

Jute & Cotton Nesting Material - Canary Nesting Material - Canary Breeding Supplies

These are absolutely natural and accurately selected cotton and jute fibers for nesting

Perfect hygiene and careful treatemnt ensure that these fibres are soft, transpiring, absorbing dust-proof and immune to parasites.

Make sure breeding pairs have trimmed nails for the safety of themselves and their eggs

These are pertectly suitable as nesting material for all birds.

Nest building is a healthy exercise for your cage birds

Jute and Cotton are both favorites of canaries and used by most birds readily:)

This is the nesting material that fills our Nesting Wheels


Cotton & Jute Nesting MaterialProduct Info-Cotton and Jute Nesting Material Cotton & Jute Nesting Material
Cotton & Jute Nesting material. This is what our Nesting Wheels come filled with, get a bag and refill them! Imported from Italy.
Available in 100g, 500g & 1000g sizes