Michael Angelo Plastic Finch Gouldian Finch Nestbox

Michael Angelo Plastic Gouldian Finch Nest box, lady gouldian finch breeding supplies

Plastic Nest box for lady gouldian finches and similar sized birds

Beige Colored plastic, Washable and reusable

Hooks on the front for hanging outside of the cage.

5" wide x 4" deep x 5" high with a circular hole opening.

Vented bottom for increased air circulation

Lightweight and easy to disinfect.

Peek a boo door on top for checking the nest with the least interuption

Imported From Italy


Michael Angelo Round Hole Plastic Gouldian Finch Nestbox.Product Info-Plastic Finch Nestbox Michelangelo Plastic Nest Box-Round hole Opening
Michael Angelo round hole Plastic Nest box 5" wide x 4" deep x 5" high with a peek a boo door on the top. Mounts from the outside with removable plastic hooks.