Kaytee Bamboo Finch Nest

Kaytee Bamboo Finch Nest - 2 sizes - Finch Breeding Supplies

Wicker Nest for finches and similar sized birds

Give your beaked buddy the nest she deserves with the Kaytee Nature’s Nest Bamboo Finch Nest. This nest features bamboo that’s been hand-woven around a sturdy wire frame to create a durable piece that your finch friend will find pleasantly homey. Built-in hooks allow you to easily attach the nest to your bird’s cage while the large enclosed shape encourages natural breeding and nesting behaviors.

Key Benefits

  • Natural bamboo material was hand-woven around a sturdy wire frame.
  • Attach the nest to your cage of choice with the built-in hook.
  • Special design encourages breeding and nesting.
  • Enclosed shape provides privacy and security.
  • Ideal for your finch or other small pet bird.
  • For indoor use only.

    2 sizes

  • Giant - Dimensions 4.5"L x 5.5"W x 6.31"H
  • Regular - Dimensions 3.75"L x 3.75"W x 4.5"H

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    Kaytee Bamboo Finch Nests - 2 sizes - Giant and Regular (small)
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