Berimax - Bird Medicine - Natural Protozoa treatment- trichomonas, giardia

All Natural Canker treatment for Birds

Erradicates even the most resistent strains of trichomonas

Natural rememdy for protozoa

Contains dry

  • Curcuma longa
  • Daucus carota
  • Hennae follium
  • Coptis japonica
  • Iridis rhizome
  • Crocus sativus
  • Vaccinium myrtillus

    Berimax dissolves readily in water and is made from all natural products so is very safe for adult and young birds

    Directions: 1 - 2 level teaspoon (5-10g) per gallon of fresh drinking water for 5 days (up to 10 when needed) for treatment of Trichomoniasis. Remove all other water sources when treating. 10g it would make 8 gallons of treated water or 16 gallons at 5g.

    Notes: Canker (Trichomoniasis) treatment

    Please note that it can stain porous materils so caution should be used when handling

    Storage & Availability: Store below 30C (room temperature)in a dry place..

    These protozoan infections are very serious and a common cause of hatchling, young and adult bird deaths. These single cell parasites are present in most birds kept in captivity and become active and very destructive during the breeding season. The main sign's are watery/runny droppings in your adult birds which is a yellowish green color, lots of water and at times can contain undigested seed, dirty feathers around the vent (bottoms), molting problems and apathy. It's best to treat your birds prior to the breeding season and usually again after breeding is over.

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    Berimax For protozoa infections in cage birdsProduct Info Berimax
    Advanced Canker treatment for Birds. Laboratory tests in Europe and the states have proven that this unique formula provides the most advanced recipe against all strains for trichomonaisis. Five days of use has proven to erradicate even the most resisitent strains. I have been using this with my birds for the past few years and it works!