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Med Immune Support Supplement by Quiko - 1 oz

Immune Support Food Supplement

Quiko Med Support is a nutritional supplement used to strengthen a bird's natural immune system. Med's active ingredient, Aetheroleun Origani, aids in the prevention of coccidiosis and certain pathogenic intestinal bacteria, and increases resistance to disease In Breeding programs, Med Support improves feed efficiency for better weight gain and has been shown to increase survival rate of young chicks. Quiko Med Support is administrable to all bird Species, and is a benficial part of your bird care management program.

Use daily when special food supplementation is indicated. Use 3 grams (blue scoop included) to measure desired amount and mix with softfood, or Quiko Eggfood. Supplement mixture can be offered throughout the day and should be changed daily to ensure freshness. Feed for 5 days. Refrigerate unused portion. Store jar with cap closed in cool dry place.

Wheat Flour, Oregano Oil ( Aetheroleun origani), Silicone Dioxide.

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Quiko Med.Product Info Quiko Med Support - 1 oz Bottle
Med Immune Support Supplement by Quiko. Supports the immune system. Minimizes risk of cocccidiosis. Supports general health and well being. 1 Ounce Bottle .