Manzanita Natural Perches

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Manzanita Natural Perches Bird Cage Accessories Perches

Real Manzanita Perches

These offer your birds the natural irregular shapes to excercise a caged bird's feet and legs. 10-12" long and 3/8-1/2" diameter. These are natural branches and therefore no two look the same. These branches securely attach to any type cage with a bolt and wing nut. This size is recommended for the following species:

Australian Grass Parakeets
Bourke's Parakeet
Budgerigar (Budgie)

Sand Blasted vs Natural

Natural perches offer a unique natural look with a smooth finish. Sand blasted perches have a lighter look are rough textured, making it easier for the bird to grip onto. Sand Blasted Perches crack less than natural perches on larger diameter perches.

Any size you need can be special ordered and made to your specifications-just email me your specific need.


Manzanita Wood Perches for  birds.Product Info Manzanita Natural Perches
Manzanita Perches - Natural wood perches for the health of your birds feet. Natural irregular shapes help to exercise feet and legs. Secures with a bolt and wing nut. Small 10-12" long x 3/8"-1/2" diameter branches, 12-14" x 5/8"-3/4", 14-16" x 3/4-1" and 20-24" x 3/8-1". Also straight perches. Available in Sandblasted or Natural I have a ton of these that have cracks are are unsafe to sell...this is why I am out.