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Life-Glo Premium Fll Spectrum Bulb - 24

Premium full spectrum - 24" T8 Bulb - Bird Cage Lighting

  • Premium Tri-Phosphor formulation for balanced high light output performance.

  • Life-glo closely mimics natural and mid-day sun, accurate color rendering.

  • These bulbs effectively stimulates photosynthetic process in plants.

  • Rapid start lamp, fits all suitable standard and electronic ballasts.

  • 6700 K

  • 4700 Lumens

    For optimal preformance replace your bulb every 8-12 months.
    Please use the reminder label on the front panel for this purpose.
    Sign up on line at for an email reminder:)

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    Life Glo Avian Bulb t8 20 watt 24inch bulbProduct Info Life-Glo Full Spectrum 24" flourescent 20 watt bulb
    Life-glo 24" floursecent T-8 20 watt bulbs. Bulbs actually strong enough to stimulate photosynethetic process in plants. 6700K These fit perfectly in the 24" bar light fixture by Lights of America, available at Lowes or Meijers for around $10:)