Kaytee Veggie Basket

Nesting Material or Salad Holder - Multiple colors

A treat holder for veggies or nesting materials

  • Chew proof wire basket with bell at the bottom to add play value
  • Available in assorted colors
  • Designed to keep veggies, hay, or treats off cage floor
  • Basket is 3.25" diameter, 10.5" long with metal chain and clip attached
  • For rabbits, guinea pigs, other small animals, finches and canaries


    Nesting Holder/Salad Holder Hanging ballProduct Info-Salad/Nesting Ball Kaytee Veggie Basket
    Veggie Basket is the cleanest way for your critter to nibble on healthy treats and veggies Or keep full of nesting material. Just clip the Veggie Basket to any wire cage with its attached universal hanging clip.