Sweet Harvest Mixed Vegetables

Kaylor Rainforest Exotics - Parakeet food

Mixed Vegetables for Birds - Dehydrated

Kaylor has always strived to use the highest quality, natural ingredients in our mixes and treats to help your pet maintain a healthy and complete diet. Kaylor's naturally inspired product lines help to keep your pet happy and healthy by stimulating their natural instincts, while giving them the nutritional benefit they would get from their foraging habits.

  • Our Products are Triple Cleaned to ensure the finest quality of mix for your pet
  • Our high quality, nutrient rich ingredients help promote healthy skin by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet
  • Ingredients:
    Dehydrated Carrot, Dehydrated Spinach, and Dehydrated Cabbage

    Treat your Birds. Mix with food or feed separately 3-4 times a week.

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    Kaylor Sweet Harvest Mixed VegetableProduct Info - Kaylor Rainforest Parakeet Sweet Harvest Mixed Vegetables
    Sweet Harvest Mixed Vegetables 2.5 Oz Bag - Triple Cleaned, natural Ingredients with added Vitamins and Minerals. Promotes Bright feathers and healthy skin by maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Made in the USA. DISCONTINUED