Jw Insight - Sand Perches

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Screw on Sand Perches Bird Cage Accessories

Screw on Sand Perchs, perfect for Finches, Canaries and Parakeets.

We recognized the advantage of a perch that could be attached anywhere in the cage. It's one of the intelligent ideas built into our Sand Perch.

It's also designed to be wider at the base and more slender toward the tip. This keeps birds perched on the middle to the end, rather than near the cage. Another intelligent idea.

The durable, natural sand feels comfortable to birds.

A varying diameter throughout the length of the perch also promotes exercise of muscles in the feet.

Small - just over 7" long in the cage - about 3/8" diameter

Regular - just under 9" long in the cage - about 1/2"diameter

Most people who try these, come back for more:)


Sand Perch by JW Insight for birdsProduct Info JW Sand Perches
Jw Insight product for cage birds. Rough perch helps keep nails trimmed and feet healthy. Great for Finches, Parakeets, and Canaries. Available in Small (7") & Regular (9")