Millet Spray Holder

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Bird Millet Spray Holder Bird Cage Accessories

Hanging Millet Holder for Bird Cage

Designed for a bird's well-being!

Place millet spray inside Holder and hang within easy reach of a perch.

  • Helps hold millet in place so birds can happily nibble away.
  • Appoximately 2.25" wide at the widest top portion x 8.5" tall
  • For parakeet, cockatiels, canaries and finches
  • Does not hold the big california spray millets too well:)


    Millet Holder by Insight Products for birdsProduct Info Millet Spray Holder
    Insight Products for Birds. Designed for a bird's well being. 2.25" wide x 8" tall" Helps keep Millet in place for nibbling.