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Ivomec injectable Ivermectin 1% 50 ml bottle - Mite Medication for Birds

Injectable 1% Ivermectin:

Ivermectin has been used for parasites in cage birds for ages. It kills most worms, except tape and most external parasites like blood sucking lice and mites. It's only down side is it has been suspected of reducing fertility so I would suggest using before the breeding season and giving time for it to clear the birds before being set up.


External application

  • One drop on the exposed skin of the bird, I like under the wing:)
  • Becareful as it will absorb into your skin too!

    Drnking Water Treatment
  • 1 cc mixed in 32 oz of clean drinking water, shake it well!
  • Use as only source of water for 24 hours
  • Repeat Treatment in 2 weeks


  • Follow directions very carefully, it would be very easy to overdose your bird.
  • If you suspect an overdose, seek an Avian Veternarian as soon as possible!
  • Keep out of reach of children!
  • Prescription Avian/Animal Remedy.

    Store in a cool, dry place.


    Ivomec Ivermectin for birds.Ivomec Injectable Ivermectin 50 ml bottle for internal and external parasites. Ivomec
    Injectable Ivermectin - 50 ml bottle - 1 ml in 32 oz of drinking water treats most internal and external parasites, or one drop on the skin. 50 ml should make 12 1/2 gallons of medicated water. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! Try Moxidectin, Last longer in the bird up to a month, doesn't burn the throat, water soluble, better option:))