Insect Delight

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Insect Delight - Dehydrated Larvae/Pupae Mix (100% insect)some ground, some whole larvae and some whole flies for insectivorous birds

Dehydrated Larvae/Pupae and whole flies, Musca Domestica Mix

New improved formula, you've got to try, the birds just love it!! This product contains insects, and only insects; no fillers and no preservatives. Houseflies delivered in an easy to feed form. This has some whole larvae and pupae, some ground and some whole flies too! It is not a pellet but a flaky feed with lumpy bumpy domestically raised bugs!

Takes the mess and guesswork out of feeding insect eating birds! Stimulates breeding pairs of Insectivores/Omnivores and balances the diet. Feed a very small amount at a time as this is highly concentrated and expensive. Smaller amounts, changed often has in my experience been a more economical way to feed.

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Insect Delight 50/50 larvae and pupaeProduct Info Insect Delight
NEW IMPROVED FORMULA! All bugs! Made in the USA highly concentrated insectivore food. 100% dehydrated Musca domestica 50/50 Larvae/Pupae and flies. Dehydrated bugs, maggots and flies to be exact! This is my birds FAVORITE!! They love it. The africans are often found sleeping in the cup:)
Excellent for birds, fish, chickens, reptiles and amphibians. Low Stock no longer available!! :)))....