Happy Hen Treat Ball

Nesting Material or Salad Holder - Multiple colors

A treat holder for veggies or nesting materials

  • Chew proof wire basket with bell at the bottom to add play value
  • Designed to keep veggies, hay, or treats off cage floor
  • Basket is 4" x 8" x 4" with metal chain and clip attached
  • For Chickens and birds, keeps nesing materials clean and ready
  • Larger then Kaytee Veggie basket


    Happy Hen Treat Ball - Nesting Holder/Salad Holder Hanging ballProduct Info-Happy Hen Hanging Treat Ball Happy Hen
    Large Treat Ball for holding dried greens, nesting material, grasses. Keep things nice and clean and off the floor with this large green hanging Treat Ball with bell. 4in x8in x 4in larger then our Kaytee Veggie Basket. Fill - Hang - Watch!