10" Hanging Glass Audubon BirdBath with Chain

10 inch Glass Hanging Bird Bath in asst. colors

Assorted colored 10" Glass Audubon Bird Baths with hanging chain and hook.

Great for large flocks and flights with 1/4" hardware cloth.
I hang mine from the ceiling and the birds love it! I just bought a binder ring from the office supply, so I can easily hang and remove thru the ring. Lots of fresh food and room for the whole crew to eat:) They are a nice colorful addition to the aviary.

I use them in my walk-ins, down side the push off some off food:) Small shoppping cart photo is not real accurate as the chains are hooked right on to the plate thru holes. Note the large picture here as the actual bath/

Easy to use, no assemby required. Four colors to choose from, blue, pink, yellow or purple.

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Hanging Bird Bath asst colors 10Product Info Audubon 10" Colored Glass Hanging Bird Bath
These hanging bird baths are colorful and fun in the aviary. I fill mine with seed and they really enjoy eating together on the open surface. Just take it down, clean it off refill and watch the fun begin again! Available in Yellow, Purple, Pink and Cobalt Blue. Small shopping photo not that accurate, hit product information for an actual picture. Can't get them anymore...