Grassfinch Maintenance Mix

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Grassfinch Maintenance Mix - Finch Food - Low Fat seed blend

Seed Diet for Resting Grass Finches

Use for pet birds year-round, great seed mix for Lady Gouldian finches, grass keets and all finches.

Millets and grass seeds.

Great overall seed mix to give your birds who are not breeding. Specifically for gouldians, grass finches and grasskeets. No color, no preservatives and no waste. Your bird will love it:)

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Grassfinch Maintenance Mix.Product Info Grassfinch Maintenance Mix
Maintenance Mix for Grassfinches. This is what I use when my birds are resting. 7 Millets and Switch grass, rye grass and Fescue seeds without the dark oily breeding season seeds:)
lady gouldian finch seed mix