Gouldian Finch Austerity Blend

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Gouldian Finch Austerity Blend - Finch Food

Austerity Blend For Lady Gouldian Finches

This Austere diet simulates as closely as possible the waning nutritional period of mid to late winter in the wild, where the Gouldian finch will stop breeding due to a lack of nutritional resources. Following the resting season, it is now time to prepare the Gouldian’s body for the upcoming breeding season, which is done through a simulation of the scarce nutritional resources in the wild that occurs typically in September and October, just prior to the Wet Season.

The austerity period should last 4 weeks in captivity, with a diet consisting of a blend of low fat mix, such as our Gouldian Austerity Blend and fresh water. No other foods should be made available during this period. No softfood, sprouted seed, calcium grit, vitamins, fruits, vegetables, or greens should be provided during the Austerity 30 day Period.

During this austere period, hormone flow ceases, allowing the gonads and ovaries to shrink to a vestige of their normal size and rest. Another desirable effect of the austerity period is the burning of excess body fat, as fat Gouldians typically have low fertility or simply won’t come into breeding condition at all. This Program should only last for 30 days


White Proso Millet and Rye grass seeds.

Great low fat seed mix to mimic the natural cycle of the Lady Gouldian Finch. Specifically for gouldians, grass finches and grasskeets. No color, no preservatives and no waste. Your bird will love it:)

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Gouldian Finch Austerity Blend.Product Info Gouldian Finch Austerity Blend
Low Fat, low carb seed blend for the Austerity Period in the natural feeding cycle of lady gouldian finches. Do not use this more then 30 days, too low in nutrition for longer then that. Resets the gonads.
lady gouldian finch seed mix