Exacta Oral Syringes

Exacta Oral Oring Syringes for handfeeding - Bird Breeding Supplies

Exacta Oral Syringes for handfeeding and medications

These syringes are meant for multiple uses and last longer then disposable syringes.

10ml & 20ml sizes have orings and the tip is offset

Smooth plunger for handfeeding baby bireds. There are several sizes to choose from.

Please recycle plastics!

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exacta oring oral syringes for handfeeding, medicating cage birdsProduct Info-Exacta Syringes Exacta Oral Syringes
Exacta Med Syringes make handfeeding smooth. These are oral syringes, non sterile and made to deliver medications safely and accurately. This make them a great handfeeding syringe that lasts a little longer. All sizes except 5ml, now have orings. These cost a little more but are well worth it! The cannula teats DO NOT fit these syringes but the tip is fine for feeding as is.