Liquid Enrofloxacin 10% - Generic Baytril

Liquid Enrofloxacin 10% - Generic Baytril - Antibiotic Bird Medicine

Generic Liquid Baytril antibiotic for birds

Broad-Spectrum Quinolone antimicrobial

Not intended to be used on birds/animals to be eaten.

For Veterinary Use Only - Keep out of Reach of Children

Compounds containing Calcium, Aluminum, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc interfere with absorption. Oral administration may be associated with vomiting. Has been linked to some joint deformaties in baby pigeons cartilage cells at 200-800mg/L drinking water.


2 ml per quart of drinking water for first 4 days, reduce to 1 ml per quart after. Mycoplasmosis 5-7 days, Salmonella, or Ecoli infections 7-10 days.

I recommend Exotic Animal Formulary by James W. Carpenter for dosing instructions on various exotics.

Store in a cool place.
Keep the container tightly closed.

Packaging: 100 ml Bottle

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Enrofloxacin - Generic Liquid Baytril antibiotic for cage birdsProduct Info Enrofloxacin 10% - Generic Baytril
A broad spectrum antimicrobial for cagebirds. Drug of choice for Salmonella. Also effective on Ecoli and Mycoplasmosis. Winter temperatures will freeze the enrofloxacin.