Custom Designed
Micro Syringes w/plastic crop tube

Micro Syringe w/plastic crop tube for handfeeding - Bird Breeding Supplies

Custom Designed Micro Syringe

Best Handfeeding Tool for Finches

1ml w/attached plastic crop tube

Have you tried hand feeding
baby finches and failed?

This 1CC Syringe with the custom designed crop tube attachment makes crop feeding baby finches possible. The flexible tube is rounded for smooth entry down the throat and into the baby bird’s crop. The syringe can also be used for crop dosing of medications for adult finches and canaries.

The soft flexible tube is
Latex Free
and removable
for easy cleaning!

Syringe Cleaning Instructions: Clean in cold water. Please recycle plastics!

Smooth for handfeeding baby bireds.

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micro syringes for handfeeding, medicating cage birdsProduct Info-Micro Syringe w/plastic crop tube Custom Designed Micro Syringe
Custom Designed Micro-Syringe with attached plastci crop tube. Nice and smooth for hand feeding baby finches. Helps prevent aspiration as the tube goes past the air passage in the throat:) These were custom designed by Myra and sold by both the Finch Niche and Ladygouldianfinch.com for years I have saved many a baby bird with these and am thrilled to have them on my site for future bird enthusiast to continue to enjoy:) This is a disposable syringe so... 2-3 uses.