3 lb Bag Ground Charcoal

3 lb Bag Charcoal for birds

Ground Charcoal for Birds

Feeding Instructions:
Keep charcoal available to help aid in digestion or to help eliminate toxins. Especially beneficial with lady gouldian finches, and I recommend free feeding to your birds always.

Great first aid item too!
If you suspect heavy metal poisoning, medication overdose, or any toxin you'd like to help remove from your birds system can be aided with Charcoal. Charcoal absorbs the toxins and helps them to be eliminated quickly! However, should this occur, please seek the aid of a qualifed avian veternarian. This will help and give you something to do on the way to the vet:)
This could be a life threatening issue.

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Charcoal for cage birds treats indigestionProduct Info Ground Charcoal 3 lb Bag
3 lb Bag Ground Charcoal, to aid birds in digestion, acid neutralizer, absorbs toxins. Free feeding charcoal aids in neutralizing stomach acid for birdy heartburn:)As First aid, Give to your bird if you suspect poisoning or overdosage to help eliminate from their system. LOW STOCK
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