Professional Flexible Candler

Professional Flexible Candler by MDS

High Intensity Candling Light

Monitor the development of fertile eggs without the dangers of handling.

Candle any egg from the tiniest finch egg to the largest Macaw egg..even chickens and goose eggs.

Use the Probe-Lite right in the nest box to determine if eggs are fertile without touching or removing the eggs.

Find tiny hairline cracks. If found in time, cracks can be repaired and the chick saved.


Professional Flexible Candler for checking egg fertilityProduct Info Professional Flexible Candler
The Probe Lite is a must for every aviculturalist. The high-intensity light probe can be bent to go where ordinary lights can't fit. It's so easy to use that you'll wonder how you got along without it:) As recommended by Robbie Harris, noted author and aviculturist. Just three left, no cardboard picture, just the candler:)