CalciBoost, liquid calcium/magnesium supplement with D3 for Pet Cage Birds - Calcium for birds

Liquid calcium supplement for Birds with added vitamin D3

Key Features:
Ideal for breeding and growing birds. Promotes healthy egg production and has proven to be very effective as an emergency product for egg-bound hens. Calcium is involved in brain and nerve function and can improve behavioural problems such as feather plucking or chewing.


  • In water 10-20 mls per liter or .5-1 oz per quart
  • On soft-food or fruits and vegetables 1 ml for 16-32 canaries/finches or 8-16 budgies or 4-8 cockatiels, or 2-4 greys/amazons or 1-2 cockatoos/macaws
  • Use the lower doses in hard water areas
  • Do not feed daily
  • Once or twice a week to non-breeding birds
  • 5 times a week to breeding birds

    Pack sizes:
    100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 liter

    Active Constituents:
    Magnesium (Mg++) 2g/l, Vitamin D3 25000 iu/l, Calcium (Ca++) 33g/l as calcium borogluconate (440g/l)

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    Calciboost Calcium supplement for cage birds by Bird Care Co.Product Info Calciboost
    A liquid calcium supplement with added vitamin D3 for addition into drinking water or onto moist/soft foods. Use 5 days per/week maximum during breeding! Sold as Calcivet in Europe. DO NOT USE DAILY. LOW STOCK, just a few..
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