12x9 Parakeet Cage

12x9 Cages includes swing, perch & feed cups - Bird Cage

Small Bird Cage

Technical Details:

  • 12"x9"x16"
  • 2 Plastic Perches included
  • 2 Plastic feeding cups
  • Pull out Tray with grill
  • Powder Coated Metal Wire
  • Plastic Base
  • Wire Handle on Top
  • Available in assorted colors and styles.
  • Great temporary cage, travel cage or hospital cage:)

    Please understand this is not big enough to keep a bird in for an extended period of time. It is a great inexpensive cage for temporary issues though! But if you keep even a parakeet in here, it would need to get out regularly for exercise!

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    12x9 Bird CageProduct Info Parakeet 12x9x16 Cage
    Great little temporary cage - Comes with a plastic perch, 2 seed cups, 12"x9" all colored wired cage with a plastic pull out tray for easy cleaning, white wire bottom. Assorted Styles and Colors! two cups, 2 perches and a swing
    Please do not keep birds in these cages long term, not enough room for finches to fly around. Shipping on this will probably need adjusted as the box is large.