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Saniclens Water Treatment to keep pet birds water clean longer!

Great for skin infections, try on your birds bald spots!

Ingredients: Chlorhexidine gluconate

Saniiclens is a powerful water sanitizer for birds, it keeps drinking water sparkling clean and hygienic. Also ideal for soaking seed.

Are you getting:

  • Green slime in drinkers?
  • Red algae in bird baths?
  • This is not good for your birds and it takes longer to clean!
  • Saniclens is designed to solve the problem! Very economical (1/2 ml per liter or 2ml to a gallon), Saniclens is a powerful but safe water sanitizer, to keep drinking and bathing water hygienic and healthy, whatever your birds may drop in it!

    Saniclens has been a top selling product from The Birdcare Company for the last 21 years! Saniclens works by retarding the growth of yeasts, fungi and bacteria safely.

    Key Features:
    Will retard the growth of yeasts, fungi & bacteria. Incredibly economical. Safe to use every day for all birds.

    Dose: .5 ml of Saniclens per Litre of drinking water or 2ml to a Gallon US. Use as animal's normal drinking water or as a seed soaking solution.

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    The Bird Care Company- Saniclens water cleanserProduct Info Saniclens
    Water Cleanser, keeps water crystal clear and germ free! Safe to use with all pets drinking water everyday! 2ml per gallon of water. Same as Aviclens only cheaper:)