Dehydrated Gammarus Shrimps

Dehydrated Gammarus Shrimp for feeding to insectivorous birds

Dehydrated Gammarus Shrimp to feed to insecitvorous birds

Increase animal protein by adding these tiny dried shrimps to your birds diet. Great for Insectivorous Finches and Waxbills.

Feed dry or moistened. Can be added to soft foods or fed alone

Available Pack sizes:
25g, 65g and 300g

Active ingredients:

  • 100% dehydrated Gammarus
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    Dehydrated Gammarus Shrimps for insectivorous birdsProduct Info Dehydrated Gammarus Shrimps
    BirdCare Company's dehydrated gammarus to feed to softbills and insectivorous finches and wxbills. Feed alone dry or moistened or can be added to soft foods.
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