Lava & Peppers Beak Condtioner

Lava & Peppers Beak Conditoner 4oz by Sunseed

Your bird is very special. That's why Sun Seed products are made to be "Sunthing Special". sun Seed is a company operated by bird owners for bird owners. In fact, a portion of the profits each year are donated to avian research. Working with bird owners and breeders. Sun Seed developed nutritionally well balanced diets for the good health of your pets. Because many of the ingredients are grown locally, Sun Seed products are the freshest availabe. All this helps make the Sun Seed Company Unique and it's products truly "Sunthing Special".

Sun Seed "Sunscription" Lava Peppers Beak Condtioners are a lava stone block. They are ideal for helping to keep your bird's beak trimmed and in healthy condition. Regular use will help prevent beaks from becoming overgrown.

Place Sun Seed "Sunscription" Lava Peppers Beak Condtioner in bird cage near a perch. Replace when soiled or deteriorated. For All Large Hookbills.

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Beak ConditionerProduct Info Lava & Peppers
Beak Conditioner for all Large Hookbills, 4 oz. Helps keep beak trimmed by Sun Seed Products.