Large Plastic Aviary Feed/Waterer - 2.5 Liter


2.5 Liter Plastic Aviary Feeder/Waterer

Great for large flocks and flights with 1/4" hardware cloth.
I hang mine from the ceiling and the birds love it! Holds a whole 2.5 liters so lots of fresh clean water for the crew:) However, I do not recommend filling to capacity as it can cause wear from weight and won't last as long

These are great for food but do not last as long when used for water. The weight can wear on the plastics, it'll work, I use them in my walk-ins but they do need replacing quite often. I believe the fuller you keep them the more wear on the hanging parts:)

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Hanging Aviary Feeder/Waterer 2 and half liter plasticProduct Info Large Plastic Aviary Food/Waterer
This waterer hangs from the cage. 2.5 Liter Plastic Water Bottle. Wire Hanger to mount bottle to water tray. Plastic water tray with circular perch. My birds love this! These often break, they are plastic and not guaranteed beyond arrival in good condition.