Bari Bird Drinker

2Gr Bari 14oz Water tubes - Bird Cage Accessory - Waterer

2gr 13.5 oz Water Tube with Perch - 400cc

  • Fits 1/2 wire spaced cages easily
  • Comes in Clear plastic
  • Easy off and on for quick water changes
  • These tubes work great for the smaller birds like finches and canaries
  • Top Rack Dishwasher safe

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    13.5 oz Plastic Water Tube drinker with perch for Cage BirdsProduct Info Bari Bird Drinker with Perch - 400cc
    Plastic bird waterer from Italy - 2 7/8" diameter x 6" high with an open lip and attached perch. Easy on and off and holds almost 14 ounces, 400 cc. Available in Clear. Fits 1/2" spaced cage bars. Becareful with small babies as it could pose a drowning hazard.